About me


Master in Computer Science
EPFL, Sep 2022 - Expected Jul 2024
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Bachelor in Computer Engineering
(Grade 110/110 cum Laude)
Politecnico di Torino, Aug 2019 - Jul 2022
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Exchange semester in Software Engineering
(Equivalent GPA 29.7/30)
VIA University College, Aug 2021 - Jan 2022
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Work experience

Developer Intern
Feb - Aug 2024, SonarSource
Fullstack Developer Intern
Mar - Jun 2022, Getapper
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University teams

Member of IT area (March 2021-Present)
Inducted Member
Mu Nu Chapter - IEEE Honors Society HKN
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Programming Projects

Semester Project in Software Security

C Cpp WebAssembly LLVM

Created a prototype for automatic isolation of C libraries through using SVF static analysis framework, custom LLVM bytecode instrumentation and WasmTime.

Part of an Optional Semester Project at HexHive Lab

Decentralized Systems Engineering project

Go Distributed Algorithms

Solution to class assignments, implemented some basic primitives like anti entropy gossip, paxos consensus and expanding ring search

Built for CS438 class at EPFL

Systems for Data Science project

Scala Spark

Implemented some simple analitical queries on a toy dataset using Spark with Scala.

Built for CS460 class at EPFL

Advanced Compiler Construction project

Scala Rust Compilers Interpreters

Implementation of some parts of a compiler backend, including optimization and closure conversion, and of a garbage collector; team project with another student.

Built for CS420 class at EPFL

Distributed Algorithms Project

Java Distributed Programming Concurrent Programming

Implementation of some basic distributed algorithms abstractions (Pefect Links, Uniform Reliable Broadcast, FIFO Broadcast)

Built for CS451 Distributed Algorithms class at EPFL

Concurrent Algorithms Project

C Concurrent Programming Lockless Programming

Implementation of a Transactional Memory framework, based on the TL2 Transactional Memory paper

Built for CS453 Concurrent Algorigms class at EPFL

Transaction Summary

Java Kotlin Typescript Firebase

Android app to show to show all transactions from the user's banks in one interface

Built for Android programming class at VIA University

Automatic greenhouse

Cpp Node.js Svelte

Embedded operating systems project, automatic greenhouse with a lan interface to monitor ambient conditions and control actuators

Built for the VIA University Embedded Operating Systems course

Collaborator on ThreekEco dashboard

Typescript Svelte SQL

Web interface to show analytics on the data collected by the ThreekEco project

Part of my work at HKN-Polito university team

Collaborator on ThreekEco bot


Telegram bot that predicts waste type using an external backend service, built in Python3 using SQLAlchemy to interact with the database

Part of my work at HKN-Polito university team